Best Home Coffee Maker: Machine Types and Their Advantages

best home coffee maker

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You may have come across this site because, like many others, you are in search of the best home coffee maker.  But before you settle on one today, let us first look at the different coffee machine types and their corresponding advantages.


Best Home Coffee Maker: Common Factors

It is true that picking a coffee machine for your home largely depends on the brand, your budget, preference, and features.  Therefore, buying the best home coffee maker requires serious thinking and research prior to purchasing.

Coffee lovers usually pick the regular drip coffee machines out of familiarity.  However, there are more options out there that you can try.  Those other choices may suit your taste and needs better than the ones that you are already accustomed to.


Best Home Coffee Maker: Which of the Types is the Best for Your Home?

Below are the varying machine types that you can choose from:

1. Standard Drip Coffee Makers – as already mentioned, this is the most common and popular models among home baristas.

Models, prices, and capacity vary.  Although there are the expensive ones that are programmable, this type is still considered as the most cost-effective compared to their single cup and specialty coffee machine counterparts.  You can pick from thermal or glass carafes, or single serve models that allow brewed coffee to drip into a travel mug.

Those who don’t love to drink coffee as much as we do prefer this type for serving their guests.  Having said so, this is the best home coffee maker for those who want a no-nonsense and reasonably priced coffee machine.

2.  Percolators – coffee connoisseurs argue that this type brews a richer and flavorful coffee compared to the others.

There are those that are available in tin, glass, or stainless.   There is also an electric one that comes with an automatic setting.

You can commonly see them in weddings, buffets, and other social functions as this is the most economic when it comes to serving a huge number of guests.  The only downside to this is that the right measurement to get the taste that you want takes a lot of practice.

3.  Single Serve Coffee Machines – as the name implies, these machines are mainly used for brewing a cup of coffee.  The perks to using this machine include cleanliness, ease of use, convenience, faster coffee, and various flavors to choose from.

One drawback to using this type is that once you buy one brand, you are stuck with that brand’s ecosystem.  This means that you can only purchase capsules or pods in that particular brand as those pods are specially made for that particular brand ONLY.

Prior to picking a brand, you need to check out first if you like their flavors of if they are easy accessible in your area.

4.  French Press – this is for those who want a taste of Europe in their coffee.  Up to this day, this contraption is still popular among coffee lovers.

One disadvantage to using this is that it is not best to be used for stoves.  Therefore, coffee should only be brewed right before you drink it.

5.  Pour Over Filters – a brewer is not required to drip a piping cup of coffee.  For this reason, this type is considered as the most efficient when it comes to drip coffee.


We only showcased a few of the many coffee machine types available in the market today.  Which do you think can be considered as the best home coffee maker?

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