Best Single Cup Coffee Maker: Benefits and Types

best single cup coffee maker

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You might be asking what you can get out of the best single cup coffee maker.  Heck, people might even be wondering why they should buy one in the first place.  Get to know this coffee maker better as we enumerate the types and benefits that you can get from owning one.


Best Single Cup Coffee Maker:  Benefits

If you are a coffee addict, you might be thinking twice about getting one.  I mean, if I drink a lot of coffee and get a single cup coffee maker, this will be a big hassle for me because I will need to brew over and over for just a cup of Joe.  You can relate to this, right?

But after more thinking, I realized that I drink coffee that is sitting in the carafe for more than 2 hours or so.  This “old” coffee is stale and it just tastes awful.  I down it anyway.  All I want is coffee.

Apart from this, there is more than you can get from the best single cup coffee maker.  Here they are:

  • Personalized – since you are brewing for just one, each person in the household can enjoy their own brand, flavor, and strength.  Having said so, you have your say on the coffee that you wish to drink.
  • Quick and clean – since you don’t need to brew a full pot, you get your coffee hot and fast.  If you are using pods and k-cups, this also means less mess.  You don’t need to measure and scoop your coffee.  Just get a pod/cup and place it into a slot specially designed for it.  That’s it and you are good to go.
  • Limited – this might sound off-putting for you but it is actually not.  Those who are trying their hardest to control their coffee addiction will find single cup coffee makers the best option as they can help you limit your consumption.  Sometimes, it can be very tiring to make several cups of coffee.  Thus, you will be forced to lessen your coffee drinking.
  • Fresh – it is said that the first cup of coffee is the freshest.  For this reason, every cup of coffee made through these coffee makers is guaranteed fresh.


Best Single Cup Coffee MakerDifferent Types

There are four types of the single serve coffee makers.

  1. K-cup, T-discs, capsules – from its name, this type makes use of small disposable cups.  The only problem with this is that you are only allowed to use specific cups for a specific brand.  For instance, K-cups are only used for Keurig coffee machines while T-discs are exclusive for Tassimo coffee makers.  Capsules are for Nespresso machines alone.
  2. Pods – this is where coffee beans are placed inside tea bag-looking cases.  Just pop your “tea bag” into a slot and brew.
  3. Traditional – these use the traditional brewing method.  Its only difference with the traditional coffee maker is its smaller size.
  4. Hybrid – this offers both single- and multi-serve options.


If you are here wondering how to get the best single cup coffee maker, then the answer will depend largely on your needs and specifications.  What we can tell is that the single cup coffee maker’s qualities make it already the best so why look for more.

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