Best Single Serve Coffee Maker: Different Options in the Market

best single serve coffee maker

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When you say best single serve coffee maker, what usually comes to mind?  You are probably thinking about the Keurig coffee makers.  Aren’t you?  However, there are more single serve coffee makers in the market that you might not be aware of just yet.  Let this post enumerate them.


Best Single Serve Coffee Maker:  Several Types to Choose From

Before you decide about the best single serve coffee maker, please allow us to introduce to you the other types so that you can consider them in your selection process.  Here they are:

1. Single brew machines – these are the ones that you can most likely see at home.  They are more compact and more familiar to you.  You will need to put in a filter and coffee grounds to start brewing.

They are single brew machines so it means that you can brew coffee good for one.  This is a good choice if there is no one else but you who drink coffee at home.  But if there are other coffee addicts like you then just forget about it.

2.  Pod coffee machines – these are the machines that are usually seen in hotel rooms.  All you need to do is place a pod of coffee (that looks much like a tea bag) into a designated spot, add water, and then start brewing.

After which, you have a delicious cup of steaming hot coffee.  The only downside to this type is they make use of the drip method.  This means that brewing takes some time so you will have to wait to get a sip of your coffee.

3.  Hybrid coffee makers – this is a better option than the single brew machine.  Why?  They are your typical coffee makers where you can brew a pot of good coffee plus a single-brew attachment.

You see, they can provide coffee for the entire family plus a family member who is always on-the-go.  The always busy sister can just place her travel mug into the single-brew attachment so she can grab her daily dose of caffeine and go.  If this is the scenario in your home, this is the best single serve coffee maker for you.

4.  Capsule coffee machines – there are many brands for this type apart from the Keurig.  Whatever brand you pick, it all boils down to one truth – that you load a capsule, press brew, and then you have your fresh coffee in a matter of seconds.  It is that fast!

Think hard about the brand that you are selecting though because once you pick one, you will be stuck with their items for good.  For instance, if you choose Keurig, you will only be able to use capsules (K-cups) that are especially made for their machine.  Find out your options prior to buying.  For example, consider the availability of the capsules, the strength, flavor, etc.

The best thing we love about the capsule machine is the perks that they offer.  As mentioned, there are different brews to choose from.  There are light and strong ones that you can brew one after another.

They are cleaner too compared to their counterparts.  You don’t need to clean up grounds after brewing because everything is inside the capsule.  Did we already mention that you can get your cup of coffee fast?  Plus, some machines offer reusable capsules that are very irresistible to those eco-friendly coffee junkies.


So what say you?  Which do you think is the best single serve coffee maker?

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