Under Cabinet Coffee Maker VS. Traditional Coffee Maker

under cabinet coffee makerUnsure whether you should pick an under cabinet coffee maker or a traditional coffee maker?  This concise post might help you decide on which to buy.


Under Cabinet Coffee Maker and Traditional Coffee Machine: Feature Comparison

–Filtration – the key to having the best tasting coffee is…drum roll please…clean, good, and unscented water.  Yes, this is true.  For this reason, most of the conventional coffee machines come with water filter to make sure that your water is already good before brewing your coffee.

Unfortunately, most of the affordable under cabinet coffee makers do not offer this particular feature.  If you are dead set on getting this feature, you might want to buy a larger and heavier unit.  This means that installation will not be easy.

–Quantity – the under cabinet types make 12 cups of good Joe at most.  This is a far cry compared to that of the conventional units wherein 24 cups or more can be made.  I guess this is nothing to worry about as 12 cups is already a lot.  Plus, you can always brew more if you run out of coffee.

–Automatic off feature – coffee machines are automatically turned off as soon as the brewing is over.  This ensures that you save on electricity.  Another good thing this brings is that coffee is spared from tasting bitter – the usual cause of too much brewing.  Many coffee lovers look for this in the coffee machines that they are about to buy.

Sadly, there are limited under cabinet coffee makers that come with this particular feature.

–Start/Stop Brew – with this feature, you can pause brewing to allow you to refill your cup.  You are even allowed to restart the brewing process if need be.  A huge majority of traditional coffee machines have this feature.  On the other hand, this feature can be found in pricey under cabinet units.

–Programmable – you can program your machine to start brewing at a specific time or even before you even wake up.  If you want, you can program it before you sleep at night so that a hot cup of coffee is already waiting for you as soon as you rise.

Good thing is that this feature is available in both conventional and under cabinet unit coffee makers.  The only difference is that over the counter units have more advanced programmable features.

If an advanced feature is available in the under cabinet type, this means that you have to pay more for this added feature.

–Size – under cabinet types weigh less than the conventional ones.  On average, they only weigh to as much as 10 pounds.  They can be installed by using an adhesive that comes with the coffee machine.  You can also install a frame to help secure the machine into place.

This is a sturdier way of installing the machine.  However, you will need extra tools such as drill, etc, and carpentry know-how to be able to successfully put the machine into place.


We hope that you get to know more about the under cabinet coffee maker and the traditional coffee maker through this short post.  Take care and happy shopping!

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