What Type of Drip Coffee Maker Should I Get?

drip coffee maker

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Mornings are never the same without a hot cup of coffee from a drip coffee maker.  Yes, I know this for a fact.  Without coffee in the morning, I feel like a mindless zombie unable to make it out through the day.  Must…drink…coffee…  But what’s worst than not being able to drink your morning coffee?  Not being able to make even a cup because your drip coffee maker is broken.  Yikes!

There are pros and cons to this.  The pro is that there are a lot of options to choose from.  Hooray for that.  The con is that there are a lot of options to choose from.  This makes it very confusing to pick one.  So which one do you need to choose?

Not to worry my dear coffee addict.  You just need to ask yourself the questions below and you will be all set to picking the type of drip coffee maker you should buy.

1. How many cups of coffee do you need? 

If you are household composed of heavy coffee drinkers that all need their morning jump start at the same time, you will have to find one that can accommodate all of you.

2. Do you want extra features?

For instance, do you want a programmable coffee maker so that your coffee is ready as soon as you get up the next day?  Do you have the tendency to forget?  In this case, an automatic off feature is important so you can go to work without worrying about not being able to turn off the coffee maker.

3. Are you looking for an eco-friendly type of drip coffee maker?

Do you want a machine that requires fewer filters or uses less energy as possible?


Sample Drip Coffee Maker Types

We will basically talk about just two – the electric drip coffee makers, and the drip single-cup coffee maker.

Electric Drip Types

Manual electric drip coffee machines don’t make use of whistles.  You will have to plug them, turn on the switch, and then they will start brewing coffee.  They are always on unless you turn them off.

The programmable types are much more convenient than the manual type.  The reason is that you can set them to start brewing at a certain time so that your coffee is hot when you need to drink it.  You can also program it so it turns off at a certain time.  The only setback with this type is that they use a lot of power since they always need to be plugged.

Drip Single-serve Types

If you are rooting for an eco-friendly drip coffee maker then this is not for you.  Most of these machines use disposable and plastic pods.  Sure, you can recycle the pods but not everyone has the time and energy to do this.  There are brands that make use of reusable cups but they are limited so it’s up to you now.


Now, it is time to think about your needs.  How much coffee do you need to perk you and your family up?  Are the advanced features a necessity for you?  Do you want to save the world while brewing your coffee?

Think about all these.  Only then will you be able to know the type of drip coffee maker that you can get.

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