Why Buy a 4 Cup Coffee Maker?

4 cup coffee maker

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Why should you buy a 4 cup coffee maker when there are 12-cup coffee makers available?  I know, right?  I have been hearing this question from many coffee enthusiasts from time to time but no one seems to answer this.  Let this post answer you.


4 Cup Coffee Maker:  Is it Essential or Not?

Let us give you two scenarios:

1. Mom wakes up early to cook breakfast, and prepares everything that the family needs before the kids go to school and dad to office.  But before she does all those supermom chores, she needs her early cup of coffee to get her started.  About a few minutes to an hour or so, dad wakes up to start prepping for work and the rest of the kids follow to eat a hearty breakfast.

Dad drinks a cup of coffee for breakfast while the kids go for fresh milk.  Yum!  As soon as dad and the kids are out the door, mom takes a breather and sits down to enjoy another cup of coffee (and another one) so that she can start doing the laundry and cleaning the house after.

The day drags on with more chores until the evening.  By bed time, mom drags her feet to bed as she sleeps soundly without the help of coffee, of course.

2. Emma is a work-at-home employee.  She likes to drink three cups of coffee in the morning to get her started with her work.  Weird for you but not for her.

She needs that much to stay alert all throughout the day.  That’s her secret weapon.  After that coffee marathon, she does her job until her time is through.  She does not have visitors who are coffee junkies and her boyfriend is a health buff who stays away from coffee.


With those two scenarios that we presented, do you think that those households need a 12-cup coffee maker?  Or will a 4 cup coffee maker suffice?

Still can’t answer?  You can still say that you can buy a coffee brewer with a larger capacity even if the household can only consume as much as 4 cups per day.  However, that is an impractical move on your part.

It is okay if you have family members or visitors who want to drink coffee all day long.  But if you only need a few cups, then there is no need for that.  Why?

The thing is, you brew a pot for 12 but only about 4 cups gets consumed per day.  What happens to the rest of the coffee?  They get stored inside the pot for longer hours.  You need to reheat, and reheat, and reheat them some more so just they stay as hot as you want them.

What happens is that the flavor disappears.  The taste isn’t just right anymore and you end up throwing a big batch of precious Joe down the drain – all that waste because you preferred a 12-cup brewer over a 4 cup coffee maker.

You end up brewing another big batch again as soon as the coffee craving hits you.  And then the wasteful cycle starts again.  Do you really want this?  Come to think of it, most waiting areas make use of the 4 cup coffee maker.  Did you notice?


What do you think?  Are you convinced that you need to buy a 4 cup coffee maker for a home with little coffee consumption?  Let us know.

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